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The Universe is always listening.

The Universe is always listening.

Send out a clear, unwavering intention. Then use your imagination to create your beautiful future, speaking and living it into creation in every now moment.

I recently moved to a new part of the world in which I had one acquaintance. I intended that I would meet many of my soul family soon after moving, have lovely neighbours and the place would feel like home pretty much instantaneously.

I felt I had left my previous home befire I physically did, so I moved energetically before physically. Within 2 days of moving I met one of my neighbours who is so helpful and kind. Today I went to meet the one acquaintance I knew in the area and met a number of beautiful men and women. I feel so grateful.

If you need help with creating and manifesting or shifting blocks to living your dreams, please get in touch.

Sending love and the courage to embrace change


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