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What is Family? This came into a conversation as I sat with a good friend reflecting on our lives. She asked me, what family is to me, and this just rolled off my tongue, without a conscious thought and tears in my eyes. "Family are the people in my life that remind of me of my wings when I have forgotten that I can fly." I said. This inspired me to write and share this article with you. I have deep gratitude and love for my family. I know many that wish their blood family were still in this reality, others who have created a family from those that are here and others that feel alone and who's pets are their family and others it is all of the above.


... are the people in your life that remind you of your wings when you forget that you can fly.

... are those that remind you that you are loved more than you know when you feel anything but.

... carry you when you feel you can no longer carry yourself.

... hold your hand and walk beside you.

... encourage and support you to be the best version you that you can be.

... is a dynamic of wonderful teachers and greatest life lessons.

... come in all shapes, sizes and species, throughout our lives.

... is Great Spirit manifest.

... are angels that walk with us on this Earth.

... are guiding us home.

... is all around.

... can be blood or not, but always a divine connection.

... is a perception, a belief, an attachment, a lesson, a gift, all divinely created just for you.

... is a challenge and an opportunity.

... is anything and everything you choose and create it to be and oh so much more than you know.

... love you shining your light brighter and brighter.

... love you being your Truth.

... keeps giving and giving.

... feels smiley inside.

... is with Love from the Divine.

Sending Love to all my Family past, present and future.

I love you.

I thank you.


Family is what you choose and create it to be. Thank you for being in my Blog family. I trust you have enjoyed reading this blog post and I would love to read in the comments, what family is to you, if you'd like to share.

with Love always


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