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This COVID-19 update when out on the 15th July 2020 in the newsletter.

I have posted it herefor those that are not signed up to the newsletter.

Due to COVID19, to keep you and me safe and well I have taken the following steps.

  • You will see on arrival that the Healing Space has been cleared out of soft furnishings and there is very little in the room now.

  • Clients need to take of their shoes before entering the Healing Space and change into fresh new socks.

  • Clients will need to wash their hands on arrival in the toilet. There will be sanitiser available as well to be used afterwards if you want to.

  • There is a plastic container for you to place all your belongings into.

  • Payment via bank transfer prior to the appointment is preferred, however I can still take exact cash in an envelope at the appointment.

  • A risk assessment has been completed and further hygiene measures have been taken including cleaning and disinfecting potentially affected surfaces, between appointments.

  • There is a pre appointment consultation that needs to be completed 24hours prior to the appointment, and signed on arrival.

  • I will be wearing a face covering for the appointment and it is advisable for you to do the same. Please note I will not be able to provide you with a face covering, so please bring one with you.

  • I will no longer be providing water or refreshments, so please bring your own water. Please don’t bring any food with you.

  • Please arrive on time and note that there is no waiting area.

I have made these changes, invested in new chairs, to keep myself and my clients safe and well during appointments.

The situation is evolving and guidance that may be relevant one day may be superseded the next, so I will keep you updated has guidelines evolve. To stay updated it is best to sign up to the newsletter.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via

Be well

Sending Love and Light,


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