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The Gift of Self Care

💖Don't put others before yourself thinking it's kind or it's compassionate Give yourself kindness first Give yourself compassion first Give yourself acceptance first As it is only from this place can you truly give to others. 💜 Stand your ground Be in your Truth Take the best care of You You comes first to You Then you can give from a place of love Expecting nothing in return With no expectation You are not here to take care of others first You are here to take care of yourself Be yourself Shine this light of yours to all Then you will be giving from a place of love A place of abundance In this way you give others permission to do the same What a wonderful gift this is to give 💖 💛One of the greatest gift you can give is taking the best care of yourself, then your loved ones won't worry about you, knowing that you are well.

Dhriti Mehra

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