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As I Love and Accept myself more...

As I love and accept myself more, I am able to love and accept others more. As I act authentically from a place of Love and Truth within, I enable others to feel empowered and inspired to do the same. Though the shift from what is expected to what is self-loving and true to Self can be daunting. There comes a time where you need to Love yourSelf and not look for love outside yourSelf. You need to let go of the belief and conditioning that to be loved, accepted, approved of you must Sacrifice yourSelf. Instead, Know that you can unlearn this false truth

And Know that the Love that comes from within you is beautiful, true, infinite and satiating,

If only you allow it in. Your love has no judgements, no requirements, no prerequisites and no expectations. Your love loves you, all of you, always and forever.

Your love for you is true. So I invite you to give yourself permission let go of the beliefs that no longer serve you. To Open yourself up and allow yourSelf to feel the wonder and peacefulness of your Love for yourself and to act from this place,

A little bit more in each moment. Sending you Love always, Dhriti PS. As I stepped out of a lovely relaxing salt bath, I was inspired to write this. Creative juices truly flow when the mind is quiet and peaceful.

I am an Intuitive Life guide, if this article trigger you within and you would like to have a complimentary 15minutes chat to see if Intuitive Life Guidance is for you, please email me, and we can set that up at a mutually convenient time.

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